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If you haven’t seen Alexandra Wallace’s “Asians in the Library” video yet, I can only assume you’re fresh off the boat. Here’s the soundbite which really irked us:
“So being the polite nice American girl that my momma raised me to be, I kind of just gave [the Asian student on the phone] … ‘It’s the library, like we’re trying to study, thanks!’ And then it’s the same thing five minutes later. But it’s somebody else, you know? I swear they’re going through their whole families, just checking on everybody from the tsunami thing. … Like, you seriously should go outside if you’re going to do that.”

So, this was inevitable: Ching Chong Ling Long Alexandra Wallace UCLA
$20 a pop. Proceeds from each purchase will go to the Red Cross, to help fund the Japan earthquake and tsunami relief efforts. Two other designs are available.

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Jang Ja-yeon Sexual Abuse Suicide

UPDATE: The Wall Street Journal now reports that several of the newly surfaced letters allegedly written by Jang Ja-yeon are in fact fabricated.

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The price for a packet of 14 potassium iodine pills, normally $10, has skyrocketed to as much as $450 after fears of a meltdown at the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant. Potassium iodine (KI) saturates the body with “stable” iodine, blocking the thyroid glands’ intake of radioactive iodine. (via Geekosystem)
UCLA Asians in the Library Girl Alexandra Wallace

Last Friday, UCLA student Alexandra Wallace recorded a video rant expressing her frustrations with Asians who talk on their cell phones in the library. But apparently, her qualms with Asians extend beyond the library.

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China’s creative culture is broken. Can it be fixed? Tyler Gibson traces the arc of China’s soft power strategy over the past year.

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A 70-year-old woman entered Osaka’s city hall today to donate 10 million yen to the Japan earthquake relief effort. She handed over the money — equivalent to $121,610 US dollars — in a “cash-filled bag.” (via @DailyYomiuri)
Japan Earthquake Tsunami 2011

It has been 72 hours since the 9.0 magnitude quake rocked northern Japan to its core. These five videos may give you a better idea of what people have gone through.

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Journey to the West

Neil Gaiman will be penning the film adaptation of Journey to the West, a planned $300 million trilogy based on the ancient Chinese folk tale.

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One broadcaster from YokosoNews based in Yokkaichi, Japan is helping translate the live Japan Broadcasting Corporation NHK TV stream into English. He’s on his third energy drink (it’s the middle of the night there), so if you can’t catch him now, be sure to check back tomorrow.

UPDATE: Watch the live stream of the 24/7 NHK World TV below. We have replaced NHK’s live stream with CNN’s, to lessen the burden on Japanese bandwidth during this urgent period.

Japanese speakers subscribed to Time WarnerComcast, and other TV service providers should also check out the premium Japanese channels, which have been made freely available. (via Boing Boing)
James Clapper China Mortal Threat

In what was either a brutally honest security analysis or a public relations nightmare (or both), US Director of National Intelligence James Clapper stated Thursday that China posed a “mortal threat” to the United States.

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