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New Left 4 Dead 2 Mod Lets You Play as the Girls From K-ON!


Zombie first-person survival shooter Left 4 Dead and its sequel have had their share of great mods. We’ve seen a recreation of the battle of Minas Tirith, an add-on that turns all of the zombies into Teletubbies, and the grand spectacle that is Nude Zoey. But this highly improbable mod surely takes the cake by allowing you to play as the lovely ladies from the anime K-ON. In a mishmash of bloody gore and animated moe (dare I say guro?), this mod feels so wrong, but oh-so-right. Since the Japanese aren’t particularly known to play FPS games, we can only assume this to be a boon to all the weeaboos worldwide.

In retrospect, it’s a miracle that nobody thought of this up until now: the last mission of the Dark Carnival campaign — in which the four survivors play a concert in order to attract a rescue chopper — seems to lend itself perfectly to the K-ON girls. Screw the Midnight Riders, I want my fix of pubescent high school girls playing feel-good J-pop! While the mod doesn’t actually change gameplay, K-ON 4 Dead makes up for it in sheer comedic and novelty value. Imagine the unintentionally hilarious friendly fire altercations! Don’t believe me? Watch the video for yourself:

The music kicks in at about 1:44. Conspicuously absent is twin-tailed kouhai Azunyan, who just recently won the 2010 Saimoe tournament, an annual ranking of the cutest girls in anime.

EDIT: Azusa is Zoey. Load up either No Mercy or The Sacrifice (which feature the survivors from the first game) to play as her.

[via Sankaku Complex, most definitely NSFW]

Download the mod here.



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  • Wheezle

    Regarding Azusa: load up No Mercy or The Sacrifice.

    I converted these models, so I’m a little surprised to see them suddenly all over the web the very next day after I made one thread about it on /v/.

    I just wish I’d included a link back to where I got the original models (they’re MikuMikuDance models) because the guy who modeled them deserves most of the credit. I just did a crappy rigging job.

    • Stephen Suen

      Hey, thanks for visiting the site — great work with the mod! Azusa duly noted.

      Do you happen to have a download link for the files? I want to let readers know where they should go to access this work of art.

    • Man

      can you make this character to nodoka ..and the one with brown hair and yui sister
      for complete replacement for first l4dead character

  • herp

    Jesus christ, your computer can barely run L4D2? Time to upgrade to something that isn’t a total piece of shit.

    • Stephen Suen

      Not my computer. That video’s from YouTube.

  • Anonymous

    Does it only work for single player?

    • Stephen Suen

      Apparently to run the mod online you have to play on a 3rd party server — the official dedicated servers don’t support it.

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  • Some Dude

    Does it come with audio or is it just skins?

    • Stephen Suen

      Just the skins. As you can see from the video, the original L4D2 character voices remain intact. If you’re talking about the music, you have to download a separate mod such as the K-ON Concert Mod.

      • mba dissertation

        I heard that new version contains sounds too. Anyone knows something about it??

  • Alex


    I have a question, if you don’t mind, about how can I make the mod work in single player? I have read all the instructions I could get (as few as they are) about making it work, and I can’t still play with them.
    I have installed the mod in three ways so far and none worked.
    It says in the tutorials that if the mod is recognized and present in the Extras>Addons, then I can play it.
    The mod is always recognized and present in Extras>Addons window in game in all my types of install (I copied it to the addons folder of the game, I copied it tot the addon folder of the Steam>Commons, I double clicked on the .vpk file and the game told me it was installed successfuly and I even went as far as manually extracting the files from the .vpk and manually copy them to their corresponding folders), but how do I play it?
    If I go to single player and I start one of the original maps/campaigns of the game, my characters still have their original looks, no Ritsu, no Mio, no Yui and no Mugi :(
    If I am looking into custom maps/campaign folders, nothing is present (I have not installed any other mod for L4D and no other map other than the K-On skins and mod) so my game is pretty much “clean”.
    My question is, how can I make my characters change appearance, and if the mod contains a map, how can I play on it (I even tried to find the new map from the console, and nothing, only the original maps are there).And still the mod is successfully installed and recognized (and active for loading) in the Extras>Addons.
    Thank you in advance!

    Best regards!

    • Aluangrath10

      Update the version of the game, at least and it will work+.

    • Aluangrath10

      Update the version of the game, at least and it will work+.

    • Aluangrath10

      Update the version of the game, at least and it will work+.

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  • Daisuke Niwa

    if you dont mind i have a question in how to use the mod
    of K-on what will i write to activate the mode
    pls answer i need it in 2 days

  • Teru Kei

    This is too CUTE!!!

  • Kenz_flac

    how to use ? =,=

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  • Lun3rcry

    The stupid thing about this review is that I have over 20 Japanese friends who play Left 4 Dead 1 and 2 so you can’t say they don’t play FPS.

  • Tom Thumb

    This game is rubbish in first-person yet great in third-person… suffice to say.