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What Happens After Her Clothes Come Off? Cooking! (NSFW)

Flora Cheung Naked Chef

When you’re presented with both sex and food, sex often ends up being the more important part of the package. Food becomes only a side dish. After all, a dinner date is only meant to be a prelude to an encounter between the sheets, and dessert, the aftermath.

So what’s the obvious marketable solution for a television show about food? Why, Hong Kong producer Jesse Au‘s upcoming cooking show on the adult channel Ice and Fire, of course!

Hong Kong men apparently refuse to cook because it’s uninteresting and a waste of time (that’s what helpers are for, obviously). 26-year-old television host Flora Cheung wants to change that: “Most men don’t like to cook,” she told the South China Morning Post, “but I want to get them interested.” Her idea of “interesting” (or the producer’s) comprises of shopping — fully clothed at first — in a market, before stripping down to a transparent apron to teach the nuances of cooking, thirty minutes per episode. Here’s a trailer of the Cantonese-language show, which can be seen on NOW TV, Hong Kong Broadband Network, and TVB Pay Vision:

Is it that outrageous to have a naked cooking show when there are already naked news reports, naked weather reports, and other naked shows that seem to cover every otherwise mundane aspect of modern society? We all know that sex sells, but how far do we go before we say enough is enough? Sure, a naked cooking show is interesting, but what’s being sold here? Turns out Cheung has no previous professional cooking experience. One would think that the audience will still be more than captivated by her cooking. Then again, you never know with men. I just might be motivated enough to start cooking for myself. Will you? More images of Flora Cheung:

(via CNNGo)



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  • Teru Kei

    Looks like a great show!

  • essay assignment

    hmmm, interesting. looks like it will be really interesting. cool!!

  • In The Know

    She is also a 20K a time prostitute hiding behind a poor modelling career