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Cheat Sheet: August 24-25, 2011

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  • What does Foxconn have to say about Jobs’ resignation and Apple heir Tim Cook? (SF Gate)
  • In Gaddafi’s lair, rebels found an album filled with photos of his “darling” Condoleezza. (MSNBC)
  • Haruki Murakami’s Norwegian Wood has been banned at a New Jersey high school. (Guardian)
  • Georgetown’s James Millward clarifies what it takes to get a scholar blacklisted in China. (The China Beat)
  • Christopher Johnson wonders if Japanese concerts are just cash cows. (CNNGo)
  • Chinese writer Lu Xun’s essay “Kong Yiji” was satirized as ”Biden Eats Noodles.” (Inside-Out China)
  • The latest on the Georgetown-China basketball brawl. (CFR)
  • Korean comic creators have learned how to leverage cool web effects. (Wear headphones!) (Naver)
  • Vietnam tries to stifle its anti-China protesters. (Asia Society)
  • China executed the driver who killed a Mongol herder, sparking massive riots in Inner Mongolia. (AP via Yahoo!)
(image by Ben Stanfield)


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