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Old Chinese Folk Choir Belts Out Rousing Cover of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”

Lady Gaga Old Chinese Folk Choir Cover

Not long ago, the Beijing authorities banned several tracks by Lady Gaga, clearly in an effort to prevent “poor taste and vulgar content” from infecting the ears of Chinese youth. But apparently not, if you rewrite it with “safe” lyrics in an extremely folksy dialect! According to one YouTuber, “[T]he pronunciation [for] Gaga means old grandma in Changsha dialect.” That might explain why a group of old-timers from Changsha in Hunan province decided to perform a cover of the so-called Lady of Pop’s scandalous track, “Bad Romance,” to “hundreds of millions” of Chinese viewers.

Watch the oddness unfold for yourself:

From Shanghaiist:

Performed at Hunan Television’s Mid-Autumn Festival Gala, a group of Gaga-loving geriatrics sing an ode to their busy adult children who’ve flown the coop.

To wit, the song’s chorus lead-in where the lyrics usually are, ‘I want your love/Love, love, love/I want your love’, gets replaced with ‘So busy/Busy, busy, busy/So busy.’

Let’s not even mention the bizarre Hollywood Squares setup they have going on. First, just how did they manage to fit a song to the tune of “Bad Romance” in the Changsha local dialect? Throw in the er hu and pi pa instrumentals provided by the Twelve Girls Band – the superstar classically-trained band handpicked and trained after 4,000 female musicians auditioned – and you have yourself a truly talented rendition of provincial flavor.

(h/t @waphle on Twitter)



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  • Razlan

    Okay, this is the coolest rendition of Bad Romance I have ever seen!